The Artist Behind the Wall

“The Artist Behind the Wall” is a book that we self-published in 2020. The book has received praise from all over the world and despite being in high demand, we do not sell the book as this is not the intention behind it. The book is a part of a larger marketing campaign to create jobs for our artists and as such, it represents the multitude of possibilities when working with us on a project. If you are interested in hearing more about our work or engaging in a project with us, please see the contact page for ways to get in touch with us.
The following is an excerpt from the introduction:
“Since the 1960s, protest culture and hip-hop have been the breeding grounds for the forbidden art of graffiti. New expressive possibilities have been developed, giving rise to several new branches of the art genre, each of which reinvents the urban landscape.
Works can be discovered on every street corner, breathing life into neighborhoods or challenging their residents with moral dilemmas, either as political catchphrases or bigger works on the facades of buildings. They reside in the open urban spaces where they freely communicate their messages to a range of residents. It is an art form that speaks to everybody, and it acts as focal points in an urban landscape that is constantly changing. At the same time, it reflects these uncertain and fluid surroundings, thereby always maintaining its topicality and relevance.
The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with an insight into this world and present the possibilities and potential of the forbidden art. We hope that we can shape the urban landscape together and put graffiti as an art form on the public agenda.”