After a thorough renovation of the gallery exhibition spaces, the gallery is once again ready to open its doors to a new exhibition. “Masterminds” presents a remarkable international collaboration with the best artist on the graffiti scene and provides a unique and colorful insight into contemporary art.

In the exhibition, you will be able to experience works of Danish Tue Volder and Lars Pank, whose individual works are distinctively soaked in color and charisma. Where Tue Volder’s humanlike apes show an ironic, albeit idealized image of us, Lars Pank’s works are bursting with oblique satire. There is also Timmi Oneliner, who with his single strokes gives a more stylish expression, and Adam Hansel, who in his unique approach to graphic art always finds a fun and challenging twist.

The gallery’s exhibition also features Italian ETNIK and Made514, both of which are some of the biggest international names in the world of graffiti art. They also have in common that they work with the interplay between the man-made architecture and dynamism. In ETNIK’s works, the dynamic is usually represented by the natural, which in an explosive manner breaks out in the picture in a jumble of colors, whereas Made514 separates words and figures merely to shape them in new ways into timeless fragments.

Works by French KORSé will also be found among the frames. The works are a collection of inspirations gathered during the artist’s life, and each work is an attempt to create a fantastic snapshot that forms a part of a larger narrative. It is thus possible to discover anything from comic book creatures to word games about society.

Finally, Brazilian Sipros has contributed to the exhibition. Sipros has undoubtedly created his very own brand. He is recognized worldwide for his portraits of both fictional and historical people, staged with huge ears, giving the works a skewed and surreal expression.


The exhibition runs from 3 May to 8 June 2019